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Brief Introduction to Lawyer School

In 2012, South China Normal University set up the Lawyer School of South China Normal University, in cooperation with Guangdong Province' Department of Justice and Guangdong Province' Lawyer's Association, on the basis of its Law School. The Lawyer School is based on the Law School in management, its chief work covers the training of new lawyers in Guangdong Province and areas outside Shenzhen City, ongoing education for legal practitioners, theoretical research on the management of law firms, other policy-related lawyer training projects, and some special tasks from the Department of Justice and Lawyer's Association of the province. From the year 2012, the Lawyer Shool has been undertaking the training of a total of 3000 new lawyers coming from every city of Guangdong Province. In order to adapt ourselves to the ever-increasing need for high-quality legal service, from June 2014, we set up various training courses for lawyers' ongoing education, taking active cooperation with many institutions such as Shaoguan City's Lawyer's Association, Foshan City’s Lawyer's Association, Guangzhou City's Tianhe District Bureau of Justice and so on. In June 2014, the official establishment of "Education Base of Foshan Municipal Lawyer's Association & South China Normal University's Barrister College" opened the new mode of jointly setting up a lawyer's education base by municipal lawyer's associations and institutions of higher education, which was a new example in Guangdong Province. In 2014,the Barrister College held various training classes successively, such as "Shaoguan City's Training Class for Directors of Law Offices", "Foshan City's Senior Training Class for Directors of Law Offices", "Foshan City's Training Class for Public Lawyers", "Foshan City's Training Course for Legal Aid Work", "Guangzhou City's Tianhe District Training Class for Public Legal Service", and so on. We have trained more than 1000 lawyers, and managerial staff members of law offices, and our quality of training course setup and classroom instruction was highly valued by all walks of life in the society. Our Lawyer Schoolaims at the development of lawyers' education undertaking and the overall enhancement of the lawyers' team, regards the buildup of a famous-branded school in China's lawyers' education as our target, has created the new mode of joint training of professional lawyers by institutions of higher education, administrative organs and confederations of trade unions, and has promoted the normalization of lawyers education and the professionalization of lawyers' theoretical research. According to the Lawyer College's programming for the “12th Five-Year Plan”, the School will grow into a major base of China for further education of lawyers, a base for academic qualification, a base for theoretical research, and a base for research and development of new products of lawyers' service.